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Web Design Resources

Links to language references, forums, and other Web designer resources.

Language References:
      DHTML Language Reference (Microsoft)

      HTML Language Reference (Web Design Group)

      JavaScript Language Reference (Microsoft)

      VBScript Language Reference (Microsoft)

Forums - Classic ASP:
      ASP Free

      ASP Messageboard
            The main board moves along pretty fast.



      Dev Shed

      Google Groups - microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general

      Programmers Resource




Forum - JavaScript:

Forum - HTML:

Forum - Search Engines:
      Search Engine Forums
            For tips about getting listed at various search engines.

Forum - Web Hosts:
            You can even search for a particular Web host and read the comments.

Interesting Resources:
            Convert units such as miles into kilometers.

      ASCII Table
            And click on the HTML Codes tab for HTML literal characters.

      ASP File Upload Using VBScript by John R. Lewis
            Let users upload files without using a component.

      ASP Resource Index (ASPIN)
            Categorized and sometimes ranked links to ASP resources.

      Connection String Home Page
            Connection strings.

      BlackICE Defender

      CNET - Internet Bandwith Meter
            Test the speed of your connection to the Web.

      CNET - News
            Up-to-date tech news.

      DNS Stuff
            DNS timing, WHOIS, reverse DNS lookup, spam lookup...

      Done-Right Scripts - Search Engine Ranker
            Type in keywords and see your site's ranking in various search engines.

      eXTReMe Digital Tracker
            Free tracker so you can know about visitors to your site.

      FlamingText - Headings
            Create a logo image with the text you want.

      Go Daddy
            Domain name registrar.

      Google - Language Tools

      HostSearch - Shared Web Hosting Search
            Choose desired criteria and search for a Web host.

            Search for ASP, JavaScript, and other scritps.

      Internet Archive - Way Back Machine
            To see what a Web site looked like years ago.

      Joel on Software
            Software development opinions blog.

      NetMechanic - HTML Toolbox
            HTML code validator.

      NoteTab Pro
            Customizable editor that works with most code languages and scripts.

            It can check your site each hour and e-mail you if it's down.

            Remove spyware from your PC.

            Download software.

            Connect to an FTP site and move files using Windows Explorer.

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