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How We Work Together

Often I can put up some of your ideas with no obligation at a test site such as www.Bullschmidt.com/YourCompany.

And if you like it you can pay me at $35/hour via PayPal or check and then I can send you the source code and activate it "live" on the Web.

So feel free to e-mail me some instructions.  And if you also optionally want to send over anything such as the start of a Microsoft Access database and/or an Excel file and/or a logo file that would be fine too but not necessarily needed.  And of course I will keep whatever you send me in confidence.

And if you do, perhaps you could let me know a little about yourself and your company too.

To start with, you can e-mail to me some background such as your name, title, company, and location.

And you can let me know what you would like developed as well as a ballpark idea of how many people might be using it.

And you may want to e-mail attach to me anything you have to begin with such as Microsoft Access or Excel tables, Word documents, sample printouts, logo images, and/or an existing Web address.

And when I have a portion completed, I can temporarily put it on my own Web site.  This can have a temporary Web address such as www.Bullschmidt.com/YourCompany for your review and testing.

Eventually you will probably want to have the site hosted with its own Web address.  I can have this done for you with a Web hosting company.  Or you can choose your own Web hosting company with the proper capabilities.

*** No Obligation ***
Often I do the first update with no obligation.  This means that I may initially put your ideas at a temporary Web address such as www.Bullschmidt.com/YourCompany.  Then you can test and see how things might start to look and work on the Web.  If you want to proceed, you can pay me at $35/hour via PayPal or check and then I can send you the source code or activate things on your Web server if you provide the FTP details.  Otherwise, you can just think about everything and at least have an idea of how things might look online.

Let's put some data on the Web!

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Let's put some data on the Web!
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