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Classic ASP Design Tips
Web Database Sample
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A sample Web database can give you ideas about tying everything together and can even be used as a starting point for a Web project.

One can login and add/edit/view fictional customers and invoices...

This freely downloadable sample Web database consists of classic ASP pages and an Access database.

Test "ASP Web Database" Sample

Download "ASP Web Database" Sample

ASP Web Database Sample

If you want to use this sample Web database on your PC, with the source code files you'll want to:

o Copy the folders and files to anywhere on your computer.

o In IIS name the folders with their obvious names. And on my Windows XP computer I can do this by right-clicking on the folder | Sharing and Security | Web Sharing | Share this folder | Alias of whatever the name for the folder within IIS should be:

- bullschmidtaspwebsample (which could even reside within another folder such as C:\TestingArea\bullschmidtaspwebsample) would be called bullschmidtaspwebsample

- bullschmidtaspwebsample\~db would be called bullschmidtaspwebsample/~db

- bullschmidtaspwebsample\~incl would be called bullschmidtaspwebsample/~incl

- bullschmidtaspwebsample\~media would be called bullschmidtaspwebsample/~media

o Then for the Web address of your browser such as Internet Explorer you can type in the following to see things work on your computer:


o And later you may want to modify things in bullschmidtaspwebsample\~incl\~config.asp which contains module-wide global variables that are included on every page.  (I.e. every page includes bullschmidtaspwebsample\~incl\~config.asp)

o And of course beyond that every page in the main bullschmidtaspwebsample folder could be modified or new pages added (perhaps by copying and pasting from an existing page to a new page).

o Also another possible thing to do if things were put live on the Internet would be to modify the connection string within bullschmidtaspwebsample\~incl\~config.asp and the location of the database to not be in an accessible folder.  Otherwise a user could possibly guess the location of the database and download the whole thing.

And to see something like this in action you can do the following:
- Go to www.bullschmidt.com/login.asp (the ASP Web database sample's login page)
- Click the Continue button

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