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Classic ASP Design Tips
Time Zones
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Since an organization and its Web host may not reside in the same time zone (much less the same country) create a way to adjust the Web host's date/time to be the same as the organization's.

On an included page place code like the following:
mintServerToOrgHourOffset = 3 ' Server is Pacific Time and org is Eastern Time.
mvarOrgCurDtTime = DateAdd("H", mintServerToOrgHourOffset, Now())
mvarOrgCurDt = DateValue(mvarOrgCurDtTime)
mvarOrgCurTime = TimeValue(mvarOrgCurDtTime)

Then on any page for the current date/time istead of:
<%= Now() %>

<%= mvarOrgCurDtTime %>

And for the current date instead of:
<%= Date() %>

<%= mvarOrgCurDt %>

And for the current time instead of:
<%= Time() %>

<%= mvarOrgCurTime %>

And the above could be used in functions such as FormatDateTime() (or in custom functions with specific formats):
<%= FormatDateTime(mvarOrgCurDt, vbGeneralDate) %>
<%= FormatDateTime(mvarOrgCurDt, vbLongDate) %>
<%= FormatDateTime(mvarOrgCurDt, vbShortDate) %>
<%= FormatDateTime(mvarOrgCurTime, vbLongTime) %>
<%= FormatDateTime(mvarOrgCurTime, vbShortTime) %>

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