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Classic ASP Design Tips
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Example URL with a querystring:


And this can be built into a link for each record in a recordset like this:

<a href="http://www.mysite.com/mypage?InvID=<%= objRS("InvID") %>">objRS("InvID")</a>

Because a variable might contain some odd characters like spaces, it's usually a good idea to use Server.URLEncode() when creating a querystring from a variable although it's not actually needed if the variable is a number.  Thus the previous link would now be done like this:

<a href="http://www.mysite.com/mypage?InvID=<%= Server.URLEncode(objRS("InvID")) %>">objRS("InvID")</a>

And in the page that is opened you can use Request.QueryString("InvID") to get the value of InvID.

InvID = Request.QueryString("InvID")

And then create a SQL statement:

' Set strSQL.
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE InvID=" & InvID

Or if InvID is a text field in the underlying database as opposed to a numeric field, then some single quotes are needed too (and note that the ='" is an equals sign, single quote, and then a double quote and note that the final "'" is a double quote, single quote, and then another double quote):

' Set strSQL.
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE InvID='" & InvID & "'"

And to see something like this in action you can do the following:
- Go to www.bullschmidt.com/login.asp (the ASP Web database demo's login page)
- Click the Continue button
- On the Main Menu click the Invoices Edit button
- On the Invoices Edit Search Dialog click the Edit button
- On the Invoices Many page notice that each invoice number link includes a querystring such as ?InvID=1074
- Click on any invoice number
- On the Invoices Input page notice that the Web address includes the same querystring

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