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Classic ASP Design Tips
Lock Out Users While Uploading and Downloading the Database
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It is often convenient to have a way to lock out users from data-related pages when doing maintenance such as FTP'ing the database.

To do this you could temporarily "turn off" the database-related Web pages by having an included file perhaps called config.asp that has a variable perhaps called mbolSiteIsUp which is usually set to be True:
mbolSiteIsUp = True

But manually set this mbolSiteIsUp variable in the included file config.asp to be False when you do maintenance such as downloading or uploading the database:
mbolSiteIsUp = False

And on each page have code that if mbolSiteIsUp is False then it redirects to a page that explains that this part of the site is temporarily down for maintenance:
' If site down for maint.
If mbolSiteIsUp = False Then
  Response.Redirect "downformaint.asp"
End If

Or a cruder method (that would generate an ASP error for the user) would be to slightly rename the database while doing uploading and downloading.

And another way of downloading database information (in this case through HTTP instead of FTP) would be to provide a way for the user (and perhaps this would only be set to work for Admin level users) to download a CSV file of selected records.

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