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Classic ASP Design Tips
Grouping Data
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Here is a way to group data so that it looks something like this:

Andrews, Beth
Thomas, Jean

Johnson, Sally
Martin, Cindy

Smith, Tom
Jones, George

Within the recordset looping compare the field you want to group on such as Category with the Category of the previous record (perhaps stored in a variable called CategoryPrev) and only if it's different then do something like show a new group header.

' Set Category for this record.
Category = objRS("Category")

' Show new group header if needed.
If Category <> CategoryPrev Then
      <b><%= Category %>:</b>
End If

<% ' Show normal data every time. %>
    <%= LName %>, <%= FName %>

' Set CategoryPrev here to be Category for use next time thru the loop.
CategoryPrev = Category

And the above assumes that things are sorted correctly in the SQL statement with perhaps something like ORDER BY Category, LName, FName.

And of course one could get even more advanced using the same concept to create multiple levels of grouping.

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