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Web Database Concept

How about letting yourself and others have access to a company database (hosted on the Web) which is usable from any location that has a browser with an Internet connection?

The Web database concept makes sense if you and your people want to do work in various locations in or outside the office and still be "plugged" in.

For example you could have employees enter timesheets or have sales reps log their contacts.  Or perhaps you'd like customers to be able to check the status of their orders online without having to call the company.

Typically what happens is that a database such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server (basically just consisting of tables) would be put on the Web.

Then "dynamic" Web pages (such as active web pages which include VBScript, HTML, and/or JavaScript) would be created acting like the old desktop database's queries, forms, and reports to access the database - all hosted on a Web Server.

Dynamic Web pages are similar in many ways to regular HTML pages.  But they are "live" because the user can read from and write to information in the database.

Not all Web hosts will handle dynamic Web pages but many do.  The Web hosts that can handle active web pages usually have a Windows operating system running an IIS Web server.

You may try out the Web database sample on this Web site.  You can sign on as a typical user and add, edit, or view some fictional customers and invoices.  You can also print invoices or convert them to text files.

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